We're having a baby!



We are so EXCITED to share the hardest secret in the world to keep! If you know David and I, then you know we are HORRIBLE at keeping surprises. Like we can't even wait until Christmas to give each other our gifts. And when one of us gets the other a surprise or something, it usually slips super fast... Haha. Most our family and close friends already know cuz of course we couldn't wait but now the secret is out!!! 

Baby Swenson is due September 3, 2015!!!

It was the last day of 2014 that I found out I was pregnant. What a surreal feeling that is seeing TWO LINES APPEAR!!! We were literally speechless we were so shocked. I took several tests just to be sure---Double lines each time. David and I have known we have wanted kids but we planned on waiting a little longer to even start 'trying' to have a baby. But we have been taking an institute class this winter and the spirit was just so strong one night in class David and I both felt that we needed to have a baby.... like now. ha! We gulped. But we felt peace. It became more real when we went to my first Dr. appointment and we got to hear the little heart beat and see our little bean! We feel so very blessed and happy and a bit shocked to say the least. I've always wanted to be a mommy, and I'm excited for Daveyboy to be a daddy and that we can lock hands and embark on our biggest adventure yet.

Now we CAN'T WAIT to find out if we are having a BOY or GIRL!? 


  1. this is the cutest announcement!! congratulations :)

  2. THIS IS ADORABLE! just found your blog, can't wait to read more! i'm thinking you're going to have to teach me how to do a video like that :)

    xo, k
    pocket of blossoms

    1. you are just the sweetest! love your blog too! All I did was take a bunch of photo bursts and uploaded them to Flipagram App and sped up the speed to make it stop motion!


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