For my Valentine

The way our steps are syncronized when we walk 
The way our hands fit perectly interlaced 
The way your toasty feet warm my freezing feet in our sheets 
The way your nostrils flare repeatedly when you laugh super hard
The way you make me so giggly my cheeks hurt and stomach hurt from laughing 
The way you always say "muffets" when you mean "muppets" 
The way you love fried ice cream 
The way you kiss my forehead every morning 
The way I can confide in you completely
The way you're the only person I can be my complete self around 
The way you serenade me with your guitar 
The way you look at me when something surprising happens in a movie 
The way you tell stories so detailed 
The way your testimony strengthens mine 
The way your heart beat sounds when you hold me close 
The way you love your audio books
The way you have so much passion for the outdoors 
The way you are the biggest smart ass I know 
The way we have so much fun together 
The way we can talk for hours and hours 
The way you're always so thoughtful
The way you shower me in sincere compliments everyday 
The way you make me feel beautiful even when I don't feel it
The way you smile at me and make my stomach flip
The way you make me feel safe 
The way we can never keep secrets from each other cuz we get too excited 
The way you're the biggest goofball ever and I absolutely love it 
The way you give the person your talking to your whole undivided attention 
The way you are spontaneous 
The way you love the mountains 
The way you play with kids 
The way you use sound effects when you talk 
The way you're so good with your words
The way you have such a talent for public speaking 
The way you work so hard for our family
The way you make me want to be a better person
The way you're my best friend 
The way you're my husband 
The way you love me. 

David I love everything about you, thank you for being my Valentine! 

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