Dave Swenson- Snowboarding

                          Canyon Laps w/ David Swenson from Mike Biggins on Vimeo.


Let's talk about snowboarding for a sec. Did you know David was a sponsored snowboarder for Demon in 2011?! Snowboarding has been a passion of Dave's ever since he was really young. I love going snowboarding with him to see him light up. It's really attractive seeing your man be really good at his skills! I love watching him zoom down the mountain, go off the cool jumps, and go through the terrain park. I on the other hand am falling on my butt and face the whole time... HOWEVER we have fun and I'm learning! I was going through old photos and came across some of his snowboarding shoots by Mike Biggins who filmed our engagement and wedding video as well! (Check those out on our Love Story page!) I had to share these because I am a proud wifey. 

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