Battle Creek Canyon

WINTER IS HERE! One of the reasons we LOVE Utah is because it has 4 seasons, and with each new season comes new adventures! Dave & I just got new hiking boots that we were dying to try out so the other day we decided to hike Battle Creek Canyon in Pleasant Grove. It was so beautiful! There is a waterfall up there that is only about a 10-15 minute hike to get to- and in the winter the waterfall creates an ice castle around it! Because it's early in the season, the ice castle is just beginning to form. We then hiked beyond the waterfall. We were cracking up because our dog Remi's fur collected snow into these giant snowballs all over her body. It made her waddle and it was the funniest thing! Winter is beautiful and there is so much to do-- I know winter can be long and for most very dreadful. I would be lying if I said I didn't dread the dreary inversion months ahead but that's why it's important is hike above the inversion and get fresh air! Make the most of this winter! UTAH IS AWESOME!


  1. ah i want to hike this. lovely pictures!

    1. emily! come hiking with us!

    2. i'm a small baby though! but i actually want to way badly because you guys always look like you have the funnest adventures! next time you go on a hike for babies and want some company, count us in :)


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