2014 Recap

2014 has been such an amazing year!!! We had so many adventures and learned so much! I am beyond excited for another 365 tomorrow's. Here's to breathing out the past and breathing in the future.

January - Got our puppy! Dave & I had our first show together. Got second vehicle
February - I started working at Nordstrom
March - hikes & more hikes. Got our mountain bikes
April - Went on my first Swenson river rafting trip
May - climbing & hikes. busy with work
June - First rock climbing trip to City of Rocks
July - Camping trips. Niece Riley was born.
August - Moved from Salt Lake City back to Utah County. Nephew Reggie was born.
September - Our 2nd Wedding anniversary! Went skydiving. I became a Freelance MUA
October - We became HOMEOWNERS! Moved into our cute home
November - I turned 23 yrs old- reactivated our indoor climbing pass
December - Dave turned 25 yrs old. Left his job at American Express & got new job at Social Dental

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