Welcome to our Home

"Home is where the heart is."

We are all moved in, and we are super excited about it! Welcome to the Swenson Home!

Built: 1955
2 bedroom 1 bathroom
separate business room in basement
stove fireplace & root cellar
TONS of storage space all over the house
amazing location. close to shops, restaurants & freeway
yard for Remi our dog and our future kiddos to play in
fire pit and future garden in yard
Completely Renovated: 2014

We have some more ideas for decorating and things we would like to do with the house--and come spring, some way fun ideas for our yard. We had a house warming party and I am just kicking myself that I forgot to pull out the camera when our family and friends were over! We had so much fun! I don't have pictures of the whole house... the second bedroom is not decorated and that is where I do my lash clients. Then our room in the basement is just being used as a nice storage room until we have a baby so there's nothing really to show in there except our bikes and boxes. We also have a cellar but nothing is in there yet, I am way excited to start building our food storage and such! If you are thinking of becoming homeowners, we highly suggest it! Our mortgage is less a month then we were paying in Salt Lake for renting a one bedroom apartment on the third floor! There are way awesome programs out there to help you get into your first home. We love our little cottage so much! It feels so amazing to have our own place. It's the perfect starter home for us, we could have gone with a new shiny condo or town home but we much more prefer our little cozy cottage. It's H O M E !


  1. This is super cute :) I love your style!!

    1. aw thanks so much Natasha!! and I love your blog by the way, you're such a great writer!

  2. ok so obsessed with your cute house. it looks AMAZING.

    1. emily you are the sweetest. thank you! we would love to hang out with you guys again!


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