First Outdoor Climb

Rock Climbing is awesome and I  L O V E  I T. David got me into the sport in December when we got passes to the indoor Gym Momentum. Last night our friend James Simmons who is an AMAZING rock climber, took us climbing outside! It was my first time climbing the outdoors and I seriously had such a blast! It's so different than the gym. We went up American Fork Canyon at Division and I climbed a 5.9 on my first try! It was so high and so awesome. A whole new kind of adrenaline rush! We are working to get all our own gear so we can go outside more! We just got a rope! Whoohoo!! James said it perfectly, "Climbing is the fountain of youth." Sure is!

Picture Credit: James Taft Simmons

Btw!! check out James on EpicTV

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