AXS Moab Adventure Xstream Triathlon

So.... I'm doing something C R A Z Y.  David talked me into doing a TRIATHLON!  whaaaa? I know. I have never done anything like it before. I've never done any races! We are going to do the AXS Moab Adventure Xstream next Spring 2015. David did this race when he was just 17 years old. He absolutely loved it and claims it to be one of his favorite accomplishments. The race is gnarly but luckily it does not have a swimming portion. It's mountain biking(about 50 miles), running(about 8 miles), repelling(about 300ft.) and kayaking(about 12 miles). Ok I have a long way to go but we do have year to train! The training has already begun! ... and it's been kicking my butt!!! We've been going for trail runs and have started our bike training. Last night we biked about 14 miles on a trail in Millcreek Canyon. Wheeeewww. But it was so incredibly BEAUTIFUL in the canyon. The trail we were on was so green! I felt like we were in our own personal rain forest mountain style. haha.

Our training schedule for running is we started out trail running 3 miles. Now we have been doing 4 miles and will be starting 5 miles next week. About every week and a half we bump it up a mile. By the end of summer we will be doing 10 mile runs on the trail.

We just started our mountain biking training. There are several trails up the canyon. It's tough but super fun too.

Why? Why am I doing this?
Well, there are several reasons. One-To spend time with David. Two-give myself a goal and something to work towards.Three-I have never done anything like it, it will really push/stretch/pull me but I want to be able to look back and say, "ya I did that!" Four-To get in the best shape of my life! Especially before we start having kiddos. Five- To gain self confidence. Six-Enjoy the outdoors and be active!

Heres to motivation and dedication...and a little bit of craziness!


  1. how exciting!!! my best friend and i recently started running and exercising together, and it's surprisingly fun! good luck with your training! :)

    1. thank you! i totally agree with you that it's surprisingly fun! are you and your friend training for a race??


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