Our First Born.

Having a puppy is almost like having a BABY!!! It's a TON of work. but so worth it. 

Remi is a black tri mini australian shepherd.

We got our Remi January 15th and she was almost 8 weeks old and looked like a little hippo. Now she is 14 weeks old and is looking more and more like a dog! She is a little preteen now. She is such a smart dog and learns so fast. 

WE LOVE HER!!!! She is part of our family! She is so CUTE and FLUFFY and ADORABLE and just EVVVVVERTHANG. It's so fun to see her personality develop, she is so funny and constantly gets us laughing. We love taking her on hikes and we can't wait until we can take her on longer hikes and bike rides! I grew up with teeny tiny indoor dogs that can't do anything active with you pretty much, so it's a breath of fresh air to have a dog that can actually go hiking! PLUS it makes us be active which we love. 

Our training story. the truth about puppies. 

Indeed puppies are SOOO adorable and irresistible but that picture perfect moment lasts about 5 minutes. Truth is puppies are a TON of work and it isn't pretty and a basket of roses all the time. We cate trained Remi and it was HELL for the first couple weeks.  In the day she learned super fast and potty trained remarkably fast.  Our apartment is on the 3rd level of the building... (talk about a pain with a puppy.) So we decided to puppy-pad train her out on our deck! It works great because we don't have to run up and down the stairs so much, we just take her our on the deck and she goes on her pad. pheeew. Night time was a nightmare. >.< She could not make it through the night with out peeing or pooping all over herself and whining/howling/crying. We heard so much conflicting advice about what to do, about getting up and letting her out every few hours, AND don't let her out and if she goes to the bathroom in her crate she will soon learn how much she hates it, AND if you let her sit in it she will get used to it so make sure to let her out every few hours.... ahhhh! We tried it all. Getting up every few hours was horrible because either she had gone to the bathroom in her crate or we go let her out and she is too tired and just lays down and won't go so then we put her back in the crate and she just goes in there! 

Story with getting up in the night to let her out:
We would take turns letting her out in the night. We found that taking her out to the puppy pad in the night was not an option because she would just lay down because she was sleepy or just stair at us, so we had to take her down three levels to the grass outside. Remi was so young that we had not trained her on a leash yet... bad mistake. Dave took Remi out at about 2am and at our apartment we have a river and trees right next to us. Well Remi bolted in the trees!!! Dave called her and went after her but she just ran away! In result Dave totally stubbed his toe on rock and he lost his toe nail! :( my poor husband!!! Naughty Remi. She was trained on a leash that next morning. I made sure of that.  

After MANY frustrating and sleepless nights we FINALLY found out she had a bacteria in her tummy that was giving her diarrhea, almost immediately after taking the medicine from the vet it was cured!!! No more messes in the crate!!! HALLELUJAH!!! I just wish we would have known and would of had that cured right away. That would have sped training up so much. We found the best thing was to NOT get up every few hours to let her out. We just had to let her cry it out a few nights. (Sad I know, but it gets better I promise!) They soon find out you always come get them :) They are not locked in there forever. They must learn to hold their bladders. FINALLY we can sleep again! One good thing that came from that disaster is that Remi doesn't mind baths or the blow dryer any more from the billion times we washed her hahaha. 

Now at 14 weeks she is potty trained. She goes right to the deck door when ever she has to go and she goes out on the puppy-pad. She is also trained outside on the grass like regular dogs haha. She is learning tricks fast too! She knows how to sit, shake, spin, lay down, crawl, roll over, stay, leave it, watch me, and "go home" to her crate. She really is such a SMART dog and learns so fast! We are so impressed. She just wants to please us. She is turning into a cuddle bug and wants to be by us 24/7 and basically worships the ground we walk on by following our footsteps. 

My advice for new puppy parents:

BE PATIENT! Know the hard times won't last forever even though it seems like it will. Your puppy will learn and so will you. 

CONSISTENCY is KEY. Puppies are creatures of habit. So be persistent. If you are working, take work off for a while. The first week or two are crucial in potty and crate training them. 

LOVE your puppy with everything you have but also let them know WHO IS BOSS. you are. Everything needs to be on your terms. A whining puppy does not get attention. a quiet puppy gets let out and rewarded. Puppies will test you. 

TONE OF VOICE will help them learn fast. Dogs don't speak english but the will learn good and bad quick with how drastically you make it. It may seem silly but it works. If they do something right or good let them know with happy high tones. It they are naughty and do something bad let them know with low and almost growling tones like a mad dog would do. 

HAVE FUN. Dogs are amazing animals and become part of your family!

If you have a puppy and are feeling lost, know we have been there too and you are not alone! If you have questions, ask! I know I was asking so many people. I would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have! 

We love little Remi so stinkin much and we are so happy to have her in our lives! 


  1. awe cute! i want a dog so badly but our apartment doesn't allow them :( remi is so cute though! we are going to borrow my sister's dog to adventure with us because we don't have one of our own haha. someday! thanks for the tips!

    1. dogs are so fun. when you live at a place that allows them, i totally recommend getting one! They become part of the family :) and you're welcome!


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