Our First Show Together!


One of the best feelings in the world: Sharing the stage with the one you love.

I will always remember January 25 because it was such a milestone for Dave and I! We had our very first show TOGETHER!!!! We met through music at an open mic night and ever since we got married I've dreamed of doing music with my sweetheart. We played here and there but then this show came up and we were asked to play. At the beginning of January we didn't even have an idea as to what to play for our show! I am so grateful for A.R.R.C FUNdraising who asked us to play because it gave us the push we needed to get this music thing going!!! I am so proud of my Dave because this was his first time performing ever really. I mean he did a little at that open mic but this was his actual first show EVER! How cool! So proud of my Davey! We had a 30 min. set.

1. Distance by Christina Perri
2. Falling by The Civil Wars
3. I Will Follow You Into The Dark by Death Cab for Cutie
4. Porcelain by ME! (song I wrote Dave for our Wedding Day)
5. Dave shared one of his Slam Poetry Poems- Wrinkles
6. You and I by Ingrid Michelson 

We had a way fun set and I loved all the songs! I loved performing the song I wrote for Dave for our wedding day. I hadn't performed that since we got married so it brought back very fond memories. It was also fun having Dave recite one of his Slam Poetry poems. He did AMAZING! It's so fun learning how to sing and harmonize and play together. We plan to do lots more shows! We love music and we love playing music together! 

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