hospital trip.

Today was our first trip to the hospital together. Dave has had really bad stomach pain that started 1 1/2 years ago then came back about a month ago stronger than ever. We thought we better get it checked out. Our gastroenterologist is Dr. Chris Maxwell and he is so great! A really caring, down to earth, & genuine guy. Today Dave had an upper Endoscopy which is a scope down into the stomach through the mouth. The procedure is pretty fast but they do have to put you asleep. Dave is so strong and I am so proud of him! We will get the test results in a week but Dr. Maxwell says there is inflammation in his stomach and he actually has a yeast infection in his throat! So we have his prescriptions and we will find out the results next week if he has any food allergies or if there are any other problems. I in the meantime am his witch-doctor who will be doctoring him up with my holistic way of essential oils I like to call my "potions". The oil Peppermint has been the only thing that's helped the past little while. We are so grateful for modern medicine and modern medical technology and such great Doctors and nurses! It's so crazy what they can do, I mean just a few hours ago there was a camera inside of David and Dr. Maxwell showed us the pictures! Dave is as cute inside as he is outside haha.  We are grateful for all the prayers and love from our family. Thank you.

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