a thankful heart is a happy heart.

there's so much I am thankful for and I could go on for days with a list of all the things I am thankful for! So to sum it up, I'm thankful for my whole life! 
thanksgiving is such a great holiday. this year we celebrated with my side of the family- the hullingers. I made stuffing for the first time from scratch! this cooking thing is coming.. slowly but surely. my brother in law ryan is an amazing cook and made the turkey and a lot of the food. everyone brought so many delicious foods! after we feasted we all went into a turkey coma so I didn't get pictures after or of everyone...but! my brothers baby Trentyn was here in town. we saw him when he was first born but haven't seen him for about 7 months cuz he lives up in canada, so we soaked the time we had with him right up! we played with our nieces and nephew. dave's so good with kids, he is going to make the best and cutest dad someday. I love my family so much.

"a thankful heart is a happy heart."

my challenge to you is reflect on things you are thankful for everyday. each day is a G I F T. embrace it and love it. 

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