St. George

Dave was sick all last week, we had work off over the weekend so we decided to take a spontaneous trip to St. George! We stayed in Cedar City one night and then St. George the next in the most getto motel everrrr. ha! Guess you get what you pay for? Oh well, we survived! We did some sight seeing at Zions and we went to see the St. George Temple! It was my fist time on the temple grounds there. I was bummed we didn't bring our temple clothes so we could do a session there! But at least we got to see it up close. It's so WHITE.  We also saw Hunger Games Catching Fire while we were down there. We loved it! I get a kick out of those movies because so many people tell us Peeta looks like David haha.

It was so nice to get away this weekend and just spend time with my sweetheart. I think that's important. We also have some news......WE ARE GETTING A PUPPY!!!

We found this breeder in Axtell Utah Despains Live Stock, that we have been interested in for a while and one of her dogs happened to have her puppies early this weekend! It was perfect timing so on our way home we stopped by the farm and picked out our little girl! She is a black tri mini Australian Shepherd! We get to take her home at the end of January. It was so precious getting to hold her at just a day old! So itsie bitsie tiny!!! We named her Remedy aka Remi for short :) We are so excited!

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