Feelin' 22


danny & jules

birthday smooches

sisters! such a cute frame she got me!

the birthday kids

me with paul & ashlee

little hailey

playin music & singin tunes

grandma & grandpa shill

us with steve

sam & natalie and their cute kids

mama & papa swenson

my talented sister kris

me & jacob

feelin' 22!

dave gave me potions!


my healthy breakfast...wait.

at The Inn

creme brulee

the best salmon I think I've ever had

the best miso soup

cute card and chocolates the hotel gave me



I don't know about you, but I'm feelin' 22!!! I had the best birthday weekend! David sure did treat me like a princess and he spoiled me rotten! On Friday David surprised me with a weekend getaway at Snowbird Resort!!! ah! It was my first time in Little Cottonwood Canyon. How have I never been?! It was beautiful! We stayed at The Inn. There was like no one there. We were the only people on our floor! Our cute room was so cozy & romantic with a fireplace. The hotel knew it was my birthday and surprised me with a birthday card and chocolates. how nice! We then went to dinner at The Aerie and had such great food. It was all fancy shmancy. Then we went to the heated pool and hot tub. There was snow up there so of course we laid down in the snow and then jumped back in the water. ahhh it was exhilarating & cold. In the morning the mountain air was so crisp and clear we didn't want to leave. Breakfast was included and was way good. Saturday we hung out and went to the movies and saw Enders Game. Sunday was my actual birthday. The world gave me the gift of an extra hour of sleep that night because daylight savings time ended! haha!
We went to church, ate dinner with my family and then everyone got together at the Swenson's for a combined birthday party for my brother in law Joseph and me! It was so fun hanging out with everyone. I missed the family members that weren't there though! We ate tons of yummy treats and played music. I feel so blessed to be surrounded by such amazing family and friends. I am excited for my next year as 22!

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