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Healthy skin is important to me and my skin has never been clearer - I love Clinique Skin Care. My skin type is Combination Oily.

My Routine

  • Remove my make up with Rinse Off Foaming Cleanser & Take the Day Off eye make up remover
  • Exfoliating Scrub - 2-3 times a week
  • Clinique 3 Step Skin Care - Cleanser, Clarifying Lotion, Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel
  • Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector Serum
  • Moisture Surge moisturizer 
  • Even Better Eyes Dark Circle Corrector
  • (day) Super Defense 

make-up remover - love it!

eye make-up remover -  you don't even have to rinse it off!

deep exfoliator. love it! I use about 2-3 times a week

3 Step Skin Care. the absolute BEST. my favorite part of my skin care.  these steps prep your skin for any treatments you use after like serums and treatment moisturizers to help them be the most effective.

this serum gives you even skin tone! who doesn't want that?! Helps with any kind of discoloration like dark spots, age spots and acne scars. the Texture of it is A M A Z I N G

drink to my skin. my favorite moisturizer! Oil free so it's perfect for my skin type!

eye cream! this helps with dark circles under the eyes. 

day cream. it's loaded with antioxidants and high SPF so I know my skin is protected from the harsh environment. Plus it comes in my skin type so it's oil free!

if I ever have a blemish, I whip out this zapper and zap them away!

Yes I work for Clinique but I am not being biased! I've tried a lot of different brands. I love Clinique because all of their product is formulated by a Dermatologist. It's all Allergy Tested and Fragrance Free which is so important because I have sensitive skin! I have confidence that what I am using is good for my skin. 

Skin Care is important for men too! Ladies get your men taking care of their skin! I got Dave a Cleanser and Exfoliating Scrub to keep in the shower so it's low maintenance. He has great skin! ;)

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