My American Idol Experience

I was eight years old when the first season of American Idol started so I feel like it's been around forever! This year season 13 auditions came to Salt Lake City in July. I found out about a week before the auditions and spontaneously Dave and I decided to go! Why not since it was so close?
They tell people to be at the stadium at 5am but Dave's dad had broken 8 ribs a few days before so that morning we went over to his parents house to help out. After that we got to the stadium at about 11am. We thought we were just going to be in and out real fast and then go have a fun day in the city. I decided what I was going to sing the night before..haha I know I know! I wasn't even going to audition though, it was so spur of the moment. As we walked in we saw this line and thought, "good thing we didn't get here at 5:00 cause people are still waiting to go sit down!" Well, then a lady opened up these doors by us and ushered us to follow. Turns out we totally butted in line. Whoops! That was the line that was up to audition! In the middle of the stadium they had several booths with about 3 producers to each. Auditioners went up in groups of 4 and got to sing about 30 seconds. As we were being lead down the stadium we were the next ones up! We didn't even get to sit down! All the sudden we were in front of the producers and of course I was randomly first.... I still had my purse around my shoulder and all my papers in my hands. Well then I just gave it my all with out a thought. I sang "Melt My Heart to Stone" by Adele.
Then the producer said, "Great! Now lets here something else."
My stomach sank to the bottom of my toes... I didn't even prepare two songs! I tried to stall... "like an up beat song?"
"ya sure."
Crap! My mind was totally blank for some reason being put on the spot like that. The few seconds that passed seemed like hours! Then the song "Almost Lover" by A Fine Frenzy popped in my head... not an upbeat all haha.
So I said, "I'm going to sing something else." Then I did.
Then to my utter surprise the producers whispered to each other and then said, "We'd love to take you to the next round."......
WHAT!? That was so unexpected. Out of thousands and thousands of people in the stadium, I got one of the few golden tickets that day! As they handed me my golden ticket I heard people cheer for me :') That was such an amazing feeling.
Dave and I then went into the back and there were about 7 more steps! Filling out paper work and interviews. We were there for hours and didn't prepare for that because we were starving! We planned on being in and out so fast. Cameras we prohibited and we weren't allowed to take pictures of our golden tickets, but that day my yellow paper got changed into a GREEN golden ticket haha for the next round and I got a picture of that for memory sake.
Two months then passed when finally another set of auditions came! There were multiple auditions that day with producers. They were casting their show. Lots of cameras were there. We made friends with some great musicians. I then made it through another round of auditions with producers singing the song "It's Time" by Imagine Dragons and clapping and stomping the beat. I was so surprised to make it through another round! The next round after that was in front of cameras and in front of the executive producers. The room was dark with a huge spot light on me. Pressure!! I just did my best and had a good time. That's where my idol journey ended unfortunately.  Though I was so surprised how far I got with the thousands and thousands of people that auditioned. It was crazy to see how many auditions they actually have before what you see on TV. I had such an adrenaline rush, my blood was pumping so much and I felt like my heart was going to beat outside my chest! Nerves do crazzzzzy things. It was scary,exciting, nerve-racking, and fun all at once. I am glad I did it and I am proud of doing it despite fear. That's how I want to live my life, forcing myself out of my comfort zone, challenging myself so that I can grow. It was a great experience and I am excited to see the show when it airs this January!

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