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As I have mentioned before, I am the Beehive Adviser in our ward. About a month ago for mutual we had a guest speaker come speak to our youth for a fireside. The speaker was Al Fox aka 'The Tattooed Mormon.' I had Dave tag along with me that night and I am so glad he got to be at the fireside as well! It was so amazing! It was very spiritually uplifting. Al Fox has an incredible conversion story and has such a strong testimony and she wants to share it! She started a blog and doing youtube videos with her mottos that she lives by, shares the gospel and now does firesides for youth all over. Hearing her story and feeling her passion made me reevaluate myself and where I stand. I grew up in the church and it's been apart of my life for my whole life...How often do I take that for granted? I do have a testimony of Jesus Christ and this gospel, I know it's true! I get to feel that peace of my loving Savior everyday! I want others to be able to feel that same peace that I do. That there is hope. God is there for us and He loves us. Al Fox is an example to me to use the internet for good. To share what I believe and know to be true. If there is something you are passionate about, don't you just want to share it with others? I do!


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