The Parking Lot Poem

The Parking lot Poem

In the parking lot of cinema 6
The lights play tricks on countless onlookers
You and I stand, hand in hand.
Eyes locked
As I begin to recite a poem that I had never before written
You are the sunset on the beach
You are the ocean tide that never ceases to reach
You are the cool breeze before the hot storm
You are the solid mountain that weeps for joy
As it rains, and the floods fill the bubbling brooks
You are a child’s smile
You are the light in loving eyes
You are the heavens in the sky
You are the one pink cloud as the sun sets its droopy eye over the horizon
You are the crickets beautiful song, played on skeletal strings, a beat that no one has ever heard before
You are the stars, amid all the blackness in the sky, of all the judging eyes around you, you illuminate all lives
Although you may feel all alone, just know that you are sitting at the top a throne, made by those who look up to you. For not being afraid to shine your light.
Your life is the stream of cloud that follow the jet across sky that show where you have been and where you might be going.
You are the flag that flaps in the wind
The curtain the curves in the breeze
You… are the sleepy clouds, in the crowded trees
I look at you looking at me
We stand there fixed
When the love magnets between our eyes,
Cant hold back our heads anymore
My quivering hands find home on your perfect hips
As the distance between our lips gets closer and closer
To a majestic kiss. 

Written by, David Swenson

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