One of my Heros.

My brother Danny with his baby!

proud auntie nattie


mama Hullinger bein a grandma and all

My brothers baby Jules had her baby blessing on Sunday! awww she's so precious! I am one proud little auntie. My brother gave her such a special blessing. It's amazing to see the kind of person my brother is with everything that he is going through with his wife leaving him. He is definitely one of my heros and I look up to him so much. He is and has always been a spiritual strength for me. He is the example of 'making the best out of situations' and 'becoming better not bitter.' I think when we go through trials it can be so easy to become 'bitter' and say "why me!?" I know I want to always come out of trials a better person than I was before and closer to God... But anyways! Yay for babies! love little Jules!

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