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It's such a wonderful feeling when you accomplish a goal! I hit one of my fitness goals today and it feels so good!!! After I got married for some reason I gained 'marriage weight' as they call it.. Ridiculous..! Maybe it was the birth control I was taking that contributed (gives me something to blame it on haha) but I think Dave and I just ate about a million Oreos (my favorite) and it came back to haunt me! Well so I couldn't let that last forever so I set a goal. We've been eating really healthy. We cut out carbs and sugar for the most part which is tough but the pounds shed so fast! Isagenix makes THEE best protein shakes that I love that helped me a ton! Spinach salad with tuna is one of my favorite meals. Chicken with veggies and mix rice and beans is also a great idea and fills you up completely but still cuts heavy carbs! We've been living more actively. We try to wake up at 7am every morning and go for a morning walk together to just get moving to get our metabolisms going. We've been going on lots of bike rides. It's been so nice living so close to Provo Canyon because I absolutely LOVE going on bike rides in the canyon, it's so beautiful! We also go on runs. Everyday I do 150 sit ups and we have a pull up bar that we attach to a door in our apartment and with a chair I do at least 20 everyday. Now I can officially do one pull up all by myself! No chair, no jump, no nothin! This is a break through for me because I couldn't for the life of me even get close to doing one pull up before. Yay my noodle arms are getting stronger!!! One day I want to be able to do 15 pull ups all by my self! whoa. haha Pull ups seriously are like the best work out. They work your biceps, triceps, back and abs! All in one! Count me in! I also found something to motivate myself. I told myself that once I hit my goal then I would totally pamper myself! But until I did, no pampering was allowed... no dying my hair, no eyelash extensions, no nail polish, no waxing. Sounds brutal in a girls mind! It totally motivated me and now I get to pamper myself! The joys of being a girl! But anyways, I've lost 12 lbs now :) BAM! Feels good. 

quote for the day:

So time to continue and make this my life style!

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