Change is Good.

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Oh the life of a hairstylist! I seriously change my hair so much! Dave's on a roller coaster with my hair haha. I've done so much to my hair with having a pixie cut to different types of extensions to being blonde, brown, black or red headed! It's just fun :) Well for my wedding I always dreamed of having long flowing dark hair so I tried to be patient and got my hair pretty long and then to top it off I got tape-in extensions for my wedding. Ta-Da!!! I got to have my dream hair for my wedding :):):) well now that it's past, I was itching for change and dyed my hair a red/brown and one haircut I've never had on me was an a-line! So I was bold and chopped off all my hair! It's such a big change but I love it. The nice thing about hair is that you can change it and it always grows :) change is good and adds some flavor to life.

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