Miracles Happen.

 photo PostLine2_zps3082dedb.png My little niece Katelyn is a little miracle.
I have nine month old twin nieces and they are just the cutest little girls ever! When they were born I was dubbed the title of being an Aunt!!! And might I say that I am one proud aunt! So since Saturday my sister Kristen and her husband Ryan noticed Kate had a raspy sound to her cry. The next day Kate sounded very hoarse and raspy when she breathed. Symptoms of the croup. A lot of babies get the croup because it's a virus that attacks under developed lungs. Also it is very contagious to babies, so Kenzlee her sister was at risk...so we thought. Kate's croup symptoms were not getting better and my sister and her husband were getting no sleep. They took her to the doctor to get steroid shots that help with the croup. Still she kept getting worse. On Tuesday I went over to my sister's place to help to keep Kate and Kenz separated so kenzlee wouldn't get this horrible illness too because she's always been a little behind Kate in development so her lungs are even more underdeveloped. When I arrived to my sister's and held Kate I felt my whole essence drop and my heart ached for this baby. Her breathing was so raspy and she was in pain. She was exhausted and wanted to cry, but it hurt her so much to make any sound so she struggled in everyway. It broke my heart because she's just so small and dependant and can't communicate what was going on. I do not know what I'm going to do when I have kids because seeing my little niece like that broke me to pieces!!! My sister took her to the doctor AGAIN and they gave her ANOTHER shot and still NO improvement. That night things were not going good. Kate's breathing was worse than ever. They took her to the hospital and at the hospital her airway closed off completely and they couldn't get a breathing tube in her, they thought they lost her. BUT with all the prayers said, they were able to make it through and get her stabilized. They then life flighted little Kate to Primary Children's Hospital and there they took an X-Ray of her and found that an open safety pin was in her... a SAFETY PIN?!?!? Apparently she had swallowed it and it had started in her little throat and then moved down and it hooked her little lung! :( poor little Kate! No wonder the shots didn't work, she didn't have the croup, she had a stupid pin in her! They rushed Kate into surgery to remove the safety pin. Miraculously they removed it! Kate left surgery successfully and was on oxygen. She's in a lot of pain and is quite drugged up but is breathing better... Today she's off oxygen now and is FINALLY resting! Dave and I got to see her in the hospital tonight and were able to see a smile sneak its way on her adorable face. What a little miracle! It's a miracle that they were at the hospital when her breathing stopped or else we would have lost little Kate. We are so grateful for those at the hospital and the team at Primary Children's Hospital. We are so grateful for the power of prayer and all those who are praying for Katelyn, I know she's being watched out for. God is real. Prayer is real, prayers are heard and answered. The power of the priesthood is real and angels are real. Miracles are real! I love my little niece Katelyn so much. Please continue to pray for her and her recovery. Thank you! 


  1. What a crazy story Natalie! I'm so glad she's ok! Prayers that she continues to recover well!

    1. Thank you so much! Shes doing great now :) we appreciate your prayers so much!


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