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'love like crazy' is a phrase that we have both said to each other since we were dating. Over the summer Dave left for work in Tennessee. It was so hard being separated from each other for the summer but thanks to the modern conveniences of technology, we got through it with lots of phone calls, Skype and FaceTime dates and luckily visits! My dad use to be a flight attendant for American Airlines and he still gets benefits from the airlines so due to those wonderous gems, I got to fly out a couple times to visit my sweetheart and he came to visit here too!!! 'love like crazy' became our phrase when ever we had to say goodbye. "Love you like CRAZY!" Call it cheesy or what you will, but we love it haha. Then when Dave proposed to me, he had the inside of my ring engraved with the words 'love like crazy.' awwwww. He also had engraved on it two triangles symbolizing the analogy of God at the top and husband & wife on the other two points, so when we both get closer to God and the triangle gets smaller, we get closer together. When I got Dave's ring I decided to have the same thing engraved on his. Also for our wedding, I wrote a song for my hubby and in the chorus of the song it says "I love you like crazy" AND Dave being the amazing poet that he is, wrote me a poem with that phrase. Basically all I can say is that I love David like CrAzY!!


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