First Sight

 photo PostLine2_zps3082dedb.png From the perspective of Natalie.

The story of David and I begins on February 4, 2012 at a Lumber Jack themed party. I had some friends who put together this party where everyone had to dress up like lumberjacks and on top of that the party was a music party where guests come and perform. My friends knew that I enjoyed playing music so they asked me to bring my guitar and sing for everyone. I accepted and was focused on my performance. When my friend Georgia and I arrived to the party we went to the piano and played when the first sighting happened... David entered the room and sat on the piano bench and began to play and sing Joshua Radin's version of "Sesame Street." I was thoroughly impressed by this attractive indie/artistic guy, but my preshow butterflies slaved me away and I was focused on doing a good performance. The butterflies carried me out of the room to pull out my guitar. Performance time arrived and everyone herded into the garage. Friends got up and performed with their bands. Then David got up with a friend and sang a duet on the ukelele. He did really good! I thought to myself "I want a cool musical friend like that, that I can sing duets with!" Next up was me. I sang the song "Falling" by The Civil Wars. Luckily it went really well. After my performance David came up to me! He introduced himself and told me that I did a good job. I echoed his compliment to him. As we got talking we realized who each other were, we realized that we grew up together! We both grew up in Cedar Hills. His dad was our Stake President for a time, my parents knew his parents and even our grandparents knew each other! We went to the same elementary and Jr. High. and David even took voice lessons from my mom when he was in High School!!! So he was in my house and we didn't even know! Small world!!! Finally our paths officially crossed at the perfect time. David asked me out that night and we ended up practically spending every day together since! The rest is history!

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