Blue Jay (Official Music Video)

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FINALLY the music video to my song BLUE JAY has been released to the public! Embark Entertainment/Daydreaming Entertainment produced the video. It was such a FUN video to make! The video takes place in the 1940's era and my character is performer and her love interest gets drafted to war and she has to let him go. The song Blue Jay is about love and letting go. Sacrificing for the better. The symbolism is the video is that the "blue jay" is the love interest and in the video the boy gives the girl a pendent with a blue jay on it!  The cool thing is that my dear husband Dave actually stars as the male protagonist in the video! It's so fun for me to watch the video because when we filmed the video it was in the early stages of our relationship so it's really neat to have this video of us! He's such and awesome sport for helping me out with the video and he did amazing! Natural talent at acting! The rest of the cast members in the video I am also extremely grateful for! The extras in the train station scene are my dad, mom, brother, uncle, cousin and my boyfriends brother and his girlfriend. What amazing people for helping me out! I loved having some of my family on set with me. And I was really honored to have my uncle and cousin there too! I was really surprised at first when my uncle agreed to participate because I asked him as kind of a joke the night before because I was looking to fill the roles because some other actors that I had weren't able to make it. And I found out about this hidden love my uncle has for acting! So it worked out great and was way fun having him on set. It was all put together last minute so I am so grateful for all their help and willingness to be apart of my video! The day that we were on set for the train station scene was such an adventure! We filmed at the station in Salt Lake City, Utah at the Gateway Mall. We had to film SUPER fast because the security guards didn't like us being there.... It's actually pretty funny cuz in the video where Dave embraces me at the station was the one shot we got at that cuz we were being kicked out that very second and Kenny the director was filming us as he was walking backwards out of the station haha! We had to change location for the rest of the train station scene but it turned out. The intro and outro scenes at the mirror was actually filmed in my bedroom. I searched EVERYWHERE for a backstage mirror with the lights and I couldn't find one anywhere! So I put matters into my own hands and made one myself :) We got the light bulbs at Lowe's and taped them to the back of a mirror and then placed the mirror on a table. We were happy that it was able to work for us. The stage scenes where filmed at The Grove Theater in Pleasant Grove, Utah and that is the Venue where my CD release show was for "Chronic Case of Love" in November 2011 so it was fun going there again. Although it was FREEZING on set! I was barefoot for most of the filming and I felt like my feet were going to fall off! The things we do for videos haha. Then the scenes with Dave and I at the restaurant was at Wingers and Fong in American Fork, Utah. We got quite a lot of weird looks and stares in our costumes haha but it made it all the more fun! I had so much fun dressing up for this video with the hair, make-up and costume!  Well I had so much fun making this music video and I am forever grateful to all those who helped make it all come together. and thank YOU for watching and sharing. I hope you like it!
The song Blue Jay is Available on iTunes.



  1. Your song is incredible and beautiful! I can't believe you made a video and everything. You have an incredible talent!

    1. Aww this made my day!! Thank you!! And ps... sorry this reply is so delayed, im still trying to figure out how to use blogger haha!


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